goes two ways.

Honestly, is your drink going to taste as good if you don’t feel that I appreciated you as a customer and person? No. It won’t. If you go away upset because I treated you like crap, your drink will be less than what it could be. EVEN IF IT IS THE BEST DRINK I EVER MADE. The mind controls the pallet. Simple as that. How many stories have we heard of “the food was great! But, it just wasn’t enjoyable because the service was so-so”?

Well I have and therefore I’m a believer that if you are treated with respect then your drink will taste all the better.

There’s a catch though. A more subtle realization that I’ve made over the years and something that I feel that most customers probably don’t even realize.

It goes two ways. And what I mean by that is if I, as the barista, do not feel appreciated and respected as human being by the way you treat me – your drink will not taste as good to you.

I could probably do a physiological dig and study this theory till the day I died. However, just because I haven’t doesn’t make me believe otherwise of my current theory. There’s probably more to it than what I know for sure and I am open to thoughts and opinions and know that this is my opinion which you are able to read or stop reading at any given point.

In my opinion – if I am making your drink, no matter how incredible that drink really is, it simply will not taste as good to you if you as the customer make me feel unappreciated and demeaned.

Therefore, if you want your drink to taste the best it can here as some simple ways I can think of appreciating your barista.

1. Trust your barista. If you trust your barista the natural reaction is to meet your expectations – which is giving you your drink.

2. Respect your barista. Yes. We are people too. No matter how different or what season of life we are in verses you, we are human.

3. Smile. O my gosh – you have no idea how amazing it is to have a customer actually glad to see us! We go through our days doing our best to make everyone feel appreciated and cared for whether its a smile and their coffee or a listening ear. To have someone do that for us – it can mean the world sometimes.

4. Say thank you. Only if you mean it.

5. Tip. It seems silly sometimes but that extra dollar, heck even quarter, reminds us that you appreciate us enough to take it ouf of your pocket. It’s a gift and a compliment, and it’s that understanding that you do trust us, appreciate us, and want us to succeed. It says more than just a green piece of paper that helps us get through our next month of rent. Its a simple way of saying ‘you do a good job and thank you’.

6. If you can, become friends. Seriously – your drink will always taste best if you know that your barista is your friend first and foremost.

Alright! So that’s my two cents for the day!

Thanks everyone!

~Delian Jayce

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3 Responses to Appreciation

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  2. Bob says:

    Do you guys ship coffee? I just ran out of some beans I purchased at your shop and I need more but I’m 6 hours away!!


  3. BaristaBAM says:

    Yes we do!!
    Go to or call them at 607-936-8270 and I’d probably ask for Amy or Doug. They’ll get some out to you asap 🙂


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