Coffee-Shop Ritual

There’s a part of me that wishes our current culture had more traditions that were deeply meaningful and significant to each of our lives. For example certain Native American tribes would have celebrations where the single woman would gather and dance to the music that the rest of the tribe would make. During this dance the single men could jump in and dance as well however they had a stick that if they wanted to date a certain girl all he had to do was put his stick on the girl’s shoulder. Her only response…to shake it off as a simple no, or to leave it there, indicating that she accepted. How simple! Of course I’m sure that there was still plenty of drama, however I feel like this perhaps created settings where drama was cut in the bud.

My point is that there had to be a certain amount of maturity and respect one had to have for everyone participating.

What does this have to do with coffee?

I suppose my point would be that whether or not we’ve meant to – getting our daily coffee has become a cultural ritual. It doesn’t have to be coffee necessarily. It could be anything. Tea. Hot chocolate. Smoothies. Who cares? Well, we care because we don’t always go because we want to drink something. We go because it’s a ritual. Something that we know jumpstarts our days. Not just the drink once it’s in our systems.

You walk into your coffee-shop

“Hi (insert name here), want your usual?” Me

Of course you nod because you do want your usual.

“How are you?” I ask.

Then you tell me. Sometimes I get people who are having the worst day in the world. Other times it’s been an amazing week. Once in a while I get the happy customer that has a ring on her finger that she can’t wait to show off! No matter what’s going on though there’s a ceremony that has occurred. You’ve entered the sanctuary. A place apart from the rest of the world. You’ve interacted with the medicine woman (there’s plenty of different names but since I used a Native American analogy earlier this is what I’m sticking with). You’ve given your diagnostic of your day then you give your payment and are given the medicine you need for your day.

“Have a nice day.” me

“Thank you. You too.” Insert name.

The door closes and your ceremony ends. Your day begins.

Ritual complete.

I hope your morning coffee-shop rituals continue to be sustaining and satisfying.



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