Barista…Bartender…same thing right?

Everyone survive the Holidays? I think we just barely made it. A quick update: Morgan is headed off to Mexico to work at a coffee shop (I’d explain more but I think she should write a post on it). I have since taken up a second job as a bartender…which of course is ironic because ‘barista’ means bartender in Italian. Therefore I am planning on intermixing the two topics into this blog, especially since I am a new bartender it’ll be interesting to go through all of the little steps I’ve had to take in order to even begin helping out behind the bar.

I will say this. Being a barista certainly helped me in certain areas for becoming a bartender. 

Being practiced in memorizing people’s orders and drinks has been incredibly beneficial.

Having a start on being able to be ‘fast paced’ although I will say that it’s a little bit more difficult since I still have to work on my ‘flow’ behind the bar. 

Knowing how to relax and be chill in the midst of hectic craziness has DEFINITELY been a much needed skill. 

There are other things, but this is more of a reintroduction of what course this blog will be taking. I will have a more in-depth post here soon. I have to get my life a little bit more organized!

Have a very very happy day!


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