Crazayy Recipes


-Tumeric Latte-

touch of tumeric

drop of honey

brown sugar

~Latte Style~

This soundingly crazy, only-for-the-brave drink is really nothing to go crazy about. The tumeric mixed with the gentle sweetness of the sugars, just gives a certain warmth to your insides. It definitely leaves you with a kind of wondering…what is that, that thing….its like….hmmmm…….

But nevertheless, this drink is delicious and satisfying!



three 2oz shots of espresso

lil honey

lil cocoa

~Americano Style~

The SextaShot not only gives you a kick in the brain, but the flavors are incomparable. The natural flavors of the espresso, make you wanna close your eyes, and go on a scavenger hunt to find words for all the things you’re tasting. And the honey and cocoa make it so that you don’t fall over with every sip. 🙂

-Straight Classic-

macadamia Nut



~ Americano Style~

The nuttiness from the macadamia nut, paired with the cocoa and espresso make the drink into something truly beautiful. Slightly rich, the butter gives it a very smooth texture. The flavors go so well together, its a classic on our book!


black pepper


~Americano Style~

At first instance, this drink seems rather innocent. The honey is very nice with the espresso, then on the way down, the black pepper makes its appearance! it is a very friendly appearance as well. It adds a certain level of dimension and interest to the drink that causes you to think pretty deeply about what you’re drinking. Definitely not a choice for everyone, but a challenge for sure! Inspired by Earls on ice, Please!







~Latte Style~

This simple, yet dynamic, milky drink makes you sigh. All the flavors swirl together straight from heaven, and can make all your problems disappear for that moment. The lavender lays in the back till the last second, to give you a holistic kick.


-Cap’N Morgahn

 secret rum sauce

tab of butter


~Americano Style~

This blissful, smooth pirate-ey drink sweeps you away onto oceans blue. The first taste is that of the buttery espresso, with a backsplash of rum. When you lick your lips, you get a touch of salt, straight from the ocean, of course. 🙂


-Dulce’s Remedy-

ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg


carmel sauce

~Cappuccino or Latte Style~

This amazing, flavorful drink will make you want to curl up in a ball, next to a fire with tons and tons of blankets. The molasses is mind-blowingly smooth and different than what you expect when paired with espresso. The spices add a level of flavor dimension that makes the drink a true remedy for anything that ails you.

Lavender drinks to secret ingredients…coming soon!


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